Im excited to finally be doing this! I was an avid journal writer my whole life...up until i met my husband. Something happened, I guess I fell in love and got side tracked far too often haha.  But I'm so stoked to have this up and running so we can share thoughts with each other on all sort of things. So here it is....

For 6 years Amber and I have talked about going on a trip together. And it finally has happened. You know when things maybe don't make much sense, or there doesn't seem to be a good enough excuse or purpose- thats when you flick your hair up into a top knot and say “what the heck! WHY NOT!”. Why wouldn't I come to Tahiti? 

Some times you just have to jump at opportunities, because you never know when it will come again. And most often, it is just what you needed, or opens you up to a whole new world in one way or another. 

I had been before and last time was magical!! This time I came with plenty swimsuits, a few pieces of clothing, a bag full of food, my fins and goggles, camera and sunscreen-TAHITI BOUND!!
My husband Max had been gone for the week prior and my flight was leaving an hour after his arrived. Bummed we (well at least I did) thought we had missed each other. But somehow he surprised me and showed up at my boarding gate just in time. 
Just a few minutes passing through, that meant everything!! Family is everything! And I consider myself a lucky gal that my husband was willing to hold down the fort so I can go explore for a week with friends. We arrived at night, it was raining, and felt as though we hadn't even left hawaii, kinda like we just flew in a circle for 5 hours haha. But we were greeted by beautiful tahitian singers and dancers, and just when I thought I was through with no problems, they confiscated my grass hat. I was absolutely devoed, so of course I planned on getting a haku lei (you may know as a "flower crown") the next morning, and it was only $10! We woke up to a beautiful view of Moorea (a different island than "Tahiti"), some good deals at the morning markets, and then we were off on the ferry to a magical oasis ...MOOREA!