Isn't the body amazing!! the things it can do just blows my mind sometimes. ESPECIALLY when you think about how woman can literally can grow another human, create life inside, creating all things vital for these precious angels to live in this world, and then they too can go on to do the same, and so on and so forth. Its insane really! So many things have to go right for it to happen.  So it makes sense that you would want to do your best to help everything to go right...

Bree Hannemann, my beautiful sister in law, just had her gorgeous little girl 'Bali' a few weeks ago now. Not only is Bree beautiful, and hillarious, and talented and probably the most gorgeous lil pregnant chica you ever did see.. she has always been a inspiration and example to me of a woman who is always mindful of her health and living a good healthy lifestyle,  even moreso when she is pregnant. When I was pregnant I always looked to her and my other amazing sister in laws as examples of how I wanted to be, particularly regarding my eating habits. Thats not to say I didn't have those indulging cravings and moments, because that would be far from the truth haha, but overall just a different mindset toward food. That was where I felt like my real 'health journey' began.

" The best way to keep your baby healthy is to keep yourself healthy"

Bree has had gestational diabetes with both her pregnancies now, and if you dont know what that is, it is serious stuff. (Check out this link by American Diabetes Association to read more on the matter).  Being mindful of what she ate, and keeping up the activity throughout was super important, and "I regret eating healthy and exercising"- said no one ever!!
Before I jetted off to NZ I got to do one last workout with her, doing a mix of exercises I liked to do when I was pregnant and exercises she enjoyed throughout hers, and also got to ask her some questions about her health and lifestyle during this recent pregnancy. 


*If you decide to try it, do so taking necessary pre-cautions and listen to your body, make modifications where necessary. As you will see, Bree is doing her modified version just weeks out from having her baby, shes a champ!


Was this pregnancy different to your last? Better or worse? In what ways.
This Pregnancy was about the same. I would say it went by a lot quicker mainly because I wasn't just taking care of my self. I had a wild three year old to chase down so the days and months just flew by! I also didn't get a kidney infection this time which was SO NICE!

You get gestational Diabetes, what exactly is that? 
Gestational Diabetes is basically when the pregnant mother becomes diabetic just during her time of pregnancy. It has to do with your sugar levels. There are different ways to go about controlling it. I chose to do it through exercise and diet. You can read all about it in full detail on my BLOG HERE

Food wise what does a general day look like for u. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner )
Meals for me have changed during pregnancy due to keeping up with the diabetic diet. I am SUGAR FREE, CARB FREE, and GLUTEN FREE. So it can get tricky at moments. 

*You can refer back to her BLOG for a clear outline of her diet with some recipes!

Did you stay active while pregnant? What is your favorite thing to do?
I love being active! During pregnancy I tend to take it easy, but I still love to ride my bike with my son, keep on with YOGA and PILATES, and do little workouts in the home. I recommend every person to get a big workout ball to bounce on, a magic circle to keep your inner thigh muscles strong along with your baby pushing muscles! I also love rolling on a Foam roller while pregnant. It kills, but its so good for you!

What would be your top 3 tips for a healthy pregnancy?  
1. Learn self control with food
2. stay stress free
3. get plenty of sleep

Photo courtesy: Heather Goodman- @hbgoodie

Photo courtesy: Heather Goodman- @hbgoodie

Aint she a beauty!? She just looks like a glowing ball of sunshine! Pregnant and all! I definitely will be looking back at her meal plan and blog when I get pregnant again. In fact these are great tips for just day to day living pregnant or not!

I do want to remind you all though that everybody is different, and every BODY is different. What works for some may not work for others. Thats life, thats how many things go. But the best thing you can do for yourself, and especially those little angels is to BE YOUR BEST SELF. Find what works for you, invest in yourself, educate yourself, try new things, and do what makes you feel like the happier and healthier version of you! Though you may not get gestational diabetes, the concepts and principles can still apply. Self control, hardwork, patience, consistency, routine, educating, learning, motivation, support. Well I hope everyone is baby hungry now haha and ready to tackle their next pregnancy like a champ! 

Checkout Bree's instagram @breehawaiii or her blog to see updates of her cute lil family and self, and their new angel Bali! :)