ATHLETA: Take A Hike with Sustainability

“Dont strive for perfection, strive for progress”

*This post was kindly sponsored by Athleta, but as always thoughts and comments are my own.


What fuels you!? what drives you to be better, to make changes, and to progress in the different areas of your life!? This year has been filled with opportunity and travel, and lots of thought provoking situations about sustainability, mindful consumption, and what I can do to
be the change I wanna see.

November 17th (thats today), is National Take a Hike Day, and I had the privilege of partnering with Athleta for their latest campaign based around this, and feel like I have become a total nerd toward the idea of striving for sustainability. I don’t think I have done as much reading in the past 6 months as i have in the last couple days. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but it’s such a interesting and feel good topic to read up on as well as a great direction toward progressive awareness. We headed outdoors to one of our fav hikes on the Island here, to see the ever rewarding views, allow the mind to open up and think a little clearer, and of course put their new sustainable items to the test.

Hiking Outfit Details

Ive always looked at Athleta as an ‘up there’ company, and quite well known as a quality brand in the fitness industry. But since trying out their new sustainable items and researching more about their latest achievement of becoming a b-corp company, they have really earnt my respect both with their apparel and business practices. 

As I researched the company I discovered we have a couple common values. Things that are to their company I also find important myself. for example:

  • Protecting & Caring For the Outdoors.

    Currently in 2018, 40% of the fabrics they use are now made from

    sustainable fibers and they plan to have 80% of company sustainable fibre by 2020 which I think is so awesome!

  • Their approach to their products is the same as how I feel we should approach our bodies.
    They design with intent, it’s not just about how it looks but how it performs! I love that the brand is not only a community for female empowerment but focuses on providing premium and quality apparel that fits ALL women’s different bodies and needs.

  • Empowering Women to Realize their Limitless Potential
    Us woman have a natural gift to be able to nurture, love, and build each other up. It is important to value our role as woman, to know our own strength, to recognize our talents and our potential and power to inspire, promote and share positivity and goodness. Woman are key figures in the success of society and communities, and we must remember the duty we have to teach our children the same so that the future generations can continue to create positive change where it is needed.

Its no secret that holistic health and overall wellness is a hot topic right now. The new demands from consumers are changing not just the items on store shelves, but the way companies are being structured down to the core. Now, if someone wants to feel good about what they’re buying, they want to see it going full circle. Not only are shoppers looking for brands to be healthy and environmentally friendly, they want to know it’s benefiting the planet or someone else in a bigger way. People are trying to put back what they take out. Which introduces us to the rise of Certified B Corporations.

So what is B Corp!?

”B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.” And to be approved, companies must meet “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” Having this shows a level of commitment to do good is in the skeleton of the brand.

There are many different ways that companies are giving back and Athleta has focused on using highly sustainable materials by converting to recycled fabrics, using organic cotton, and implementing more efficient fabric dyeing and finishing techniques, and so proved themselves worthy of the B Corp certification award. As a B Corp brand, Athleta is using business as a force for good by putting people and the planet right up there with profit and is a great reminder to me of what sits well with me personally, what makes me feel like I add value to society- and that is being aware and conscious, but also remembering that Nobody is perfect, so dont strive for perfection. Strive for progress!

The future is exciting… with what changes are already happening, there is brighter days ahead in this whole sustainability world. Us as consumers can help control the demands and inspire positive and progressive changes from big influencing companies in the game. Its about doing our best to take care of Mother Nature who gives so much, that way we can all thrive right! Now do yourself a favor, get outdoors, take a hike, explore somewhere new, and let yourself feel connected, I promise you won’t regret it! xo

And just wanna say thanks to y friend Heather (@hbgoodie) for snapping these pics for me!!