“Its not about perfect, its about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, thats where transformation happens. thats how change occurs.”

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Hey Friends (yes we are officially friends if you have made it here)! The new year is well under way and I can hardly believe March is almost over!

Who of you had some great healthy new years goals, but are still yet to tackle them? Or, maybe you started out great, but are stuck in a little rut in your workout routine, needing change or something more… Well, lets tackle it together!

You know my love for challenges and I think we all do for lots of reasons. I definitely know we all can benefit from fresh inspiration and motivation to kick things up a notch every so often. So to celebrate the launch of OluKai’s new “Miki Collection”, I have put together this 2 week movement challenge (starting 3/25/19) for us to do together to reset and create some good habits to be more active and mindful in our days. I just wanna add really quick how the name of this collection “Miki” has much more meaning to me than just a name. “Miki” is Hawaiian for ‘active’ and Hawaii definitely encompasses everything for the active soul. Everything feels so alive here, from the big lush green mountains to the bright blue waves of the ocean, and everything in between; the hikes and views ,the majestic waterfalls, the colors of the sunrises and sunsets that are constantly changing, and of course the culture and people. So Im super stoked to celebrate this with them, and hope you guys can discover the things that make where you live feel alive and active, and enjoy it too!

I personally love to move, and I crave everything about it! Without fail moving makes me feel good, puts me in a happier mood, helps me to be a better mother, wife, friend and person. Being active and moving my body helps me to stay healthy and in shape and it keeps life interesting and fun, and its honestly liberating to have a body that is capable of moving and being able to challenge it in different ways! So discover the adventurous part of yourself and take on this challenge like its a new adventure, with a little bit of structure to guide you, but also a little bit of freedom and unknown potential waiting to surprise you. Move yourself out of the norm, and feel the benefits of giving your body a good old fashion sweat. After-all, our bodies were made to move!


Its whatever you want it to be really… each day there is a different challenge, which is totally up to you to take on, but overall the underlying goal here is to simply be active and move your body for at least 30mins a day. Thats it! Now I know this may be a stretch for some, or may be too easy for others, but regardless, this is about getting to a place where you enjoy the way you live. If you can get through the battle of change, fight off habits you want nothing to do with, develop new ones, and find the joy in them, and you’re wanting to adapt- then life is good! This is the sweet spot! The key is consistency, and to find what you enjoy, stick with it, and reap the ongoing benefits of a regular workout routine, along with benefits many or us are looking for - HAPPINESS, STRENGTH, INCREASE IN ENERGY LEVELS, MUSCLE TONE, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, AND OVERALL A BETTER FUNCTIONING HEALTHY BODY. So as we go into this challenge just keep in mind that change requires getting a bit uncomfortable at first. Welcome it as this is where the magic happens! 

This is just a little push for you to get on that track you are wanting to be on. Encourage a friend, a family member, a buddy, or your partner to join you- it is much more fun and motivating that way. Get creative if you like and switch things around to suit you and most importantly

ARE THERE PRIZES!? heck yeah there are!!
Join the #MIKIMOVEMENT and move with us for the next 2 weeks, challenging yourself to 30mins of movement daily! Make sure you hop over to the OluKai site and enter for FREE, for a chance to win the Grand Prize Pack with some our favorite items to keep you moving, for you and a friend! (Entry Dates 3/25-4/8. Winner selected 4/15)
There will also be mini spot prizes throughout the challenge like shoes, towels, sunscreen, and others - so get moving and lets help inspire each other! Share your fun and sweaty selfies with us all on your social feeds or stories using the hashtag #MIKIMOVEMENT for your chance to win!! Im excited to see what you all get up to! Its so motivating! And if you have any questions, the best way to communicate is in the comments sections on my most recent instagram posts, and I’ll do my best to respond there :)

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Heres the Challenge…

DAY 1: Start your day with more flexibility

Instead of starting your day hitting the snooze button and getting an extra 5-10mins of lousy sleep that usually puts you behind schedule, use those minutes to stretch. When you sleep your muscles lose flexibility and fluid builds up around the joints, restricting movements and increasing risk of injury. Be flexible in your morning routine allowing yourself to do something out of the ordinary AND be flexible with your body. 

Start your day energized, get the blood flowing through your body and kick start your day with some morning stretches. The saying goes, “your age is defined by the flexibility of your spine.” Checkout these morning stretching routines … 10 perfect morning stretches, Hip Openers, 15min Energizing morning flow


DAY 2: Workout with a buddy

Grab a friend, family member, workmate, or anyone to join you today. Its always more enjoyable and fun with some one else.  Find motivation in showing up for someone, and them showing up for you. The camaraderie helps lift your spirits and keep you distracted from wanting to quit, and theres nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to push yourself to the limits.

DAY 3: Try a new workout

Changing things up every so often not only is a good shock to the body to help the adaptation process , but can give us a little boost in finding new motivation and excitement in our fitness routines. Find out whats on offer in your area, could be boxing, a dance studio you always pass by, a home workout video you come across or even a new area of the gym. Step outside your comfort zone and challenge your body to move in a way it hasn’t before. You never know, you may realize it is something that doesn’t work for you, or you might discover something you absolutely love, a talent you never knew you had and that you should be on dancing with the stars. 

DAY 4: Adventure in Mother Nature

It has so much to offer! There is a growing number of studies with evidence that a connection with nature makes people healthier and happier. It is the cheapest therapy you will find, with studies showing it can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression etc. So step outside and immerse yourself in this beautiful world. Make it an adventure and head out on a nature walk, go on a hike, swim in the ocean or lake, and feel the abundance of energy that nature has and let it recharge you. 

DAY 5: Make your post workout fuel worthwhile. 

But why, and how!? After a good sweaty session, a big glass of water is always nice, but our bodies need a lot more than that. A proper post-workout recovery routine allows you to restore lost nutrients, rid your body of waste products (like lactic acid), and replenish your energy storage. Having a bunch of wholesome, vitamin-rich options on hand ahead of time & creating a space in your fridge or cupboard stocked with everything your body craves after a workout will make it easier to reach for + make sure your bod is getting the replenishment it needs—without even having to think about it.  Try these nutrient dense post workout smoothies to both hydrate and replenish your cells after a workout. 5 post workout smoothies for recovery

Some other ideas are grab and go protein bars ( Go macro, RxBar), fresh fruit & veggies pre cut or cooked, Fruit infused water, Protein packed bliss balls, overnight oats.

DAY 6: Do 100 pushups & squats in a day.

Push-ups and squats are some of the best basic moves out there that have a ton of variations you can never get bored of. Aside from building upper body strength, pushups also stabilize your core and develop your back muscles, so a great benefit for the whole body. Squats are known for building lower body strength (and booty gains ladies), but if done correctly engage the core muscles too, and as a compound exercise of a major muscle group, are an effective fat burning tool. 

So time to reap the benefits! Perform 100 pushups and squats in a single day. Whether you break it up throughout the day in increments of 5, 10, 20, or 50 (if your game)etc , you've got the whole day to complete the lot. You got this!

DAY 7: Active Rest and Set Up For Success

Active recovery is important for your hard working bodies. It needs the time to repair and regenerate new cells, and adapt to what you demand of it. Take this day to rest from your usual and enjoy some mellow movement to keep fresh blood flowing to your muscles with out too much strain. Try these mobility exercises to increase range of motion, or even some quality time with the foam roller.  Also take the time to look over the week to come, and prepare and plan ahead so you can get your workouts in and make the most out of your week. Hip & Shoulder Mobility, 8 mobility exercises, Foam Rolling, Full Body Foam Rolling

DAY 8: Increase your daily physical activity outside of your workout.

One of the most underrated ways to increase your energy output is through non-exercise activity thermogenesis (or NEAT, for short). This can really be anything: taking the stairs, parking a little farther from the grocery store or better yet walking there, playing catch with your kids, riding your bike to work, or dancing your way through cleaning the house.  Research shows that these small changes to your daily routine can actually have more of an impact on your energy expenditure than traditional exercise!

DAY 9: Make the outdoors your gym

Who says you need a gym membership or fancy equipment to get a good workout?! The evidence is clear, showing that exercising in the presence of nature can be better for you than exercising indoors. It may take a little getting creative but you could run/walk incline on hills, rock run on the seafloor, run the beach for extra resistance, yoga in the park, or find a sturdy tree branch for pull ups. Need ideas for some do-anywhere moves? Find a park bench/chair and give this workout a go! 

DAY 10: Wakeup & workout

Keep your hands off that snooze button for starters! Wake up early and kickstart you day on a positive note by doing a quick 30 min workout first thing in the morning before you head anywhere else-bringing energy and endorphins into your body as you get the heart rate up and blood flowing. After all, endorphins are what make you happy! So you'll be feeling empowered, invigorated, and accomplished before your work day even starts!

Need some guidance? Here's a quick full body circuit that will get your body fired up and feeling energized. 

DAY 11: Become a protein PRO

Protein is an essential nutrient and the building block of your muscles, but is responsible for way more than that (fingernails, hair, bone health). As far as fitness goes, protein intake is important if you want to maximize your progress, with a recommended daily intake of up to 1 gram per pound of body weight. High protein intake can help you gain muscle mass and strength while reducing muscle loss during weight loss. It is super important for muscle repair after a workout, and also keeps you feeling fuller for longer, helping to reduce hunger and curb those cravings. 

Upping your protein game is easy: Add some chia seeds to your smoothie, another egg white to your breakfast, hempseeds to your cereal, or find a clean protein powder you love that you can put in smoothies, cereals, protein balls etc. Here are two protein powders I really like- Madeof (by @kirstygodso) & Welleco (+ 3smoothie recipes by @earthyandy)

DAY 12: Plank it out

You either love them or hate them, but the benefits of working on your plank are too many to ignore! Planks are hands down one of the best exercises you can do for your core, and don’t stop there, your entire body too!  Shown to improve your posture, reduce the risk of spinal injury, and even make the act of exercising more enjoyable, this is an exercise you may want to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Set a goal for yourself—let's say between 30secs and 2 minutes (although feel free to do more!) and challenge yourself to complete as many of these plank variations for the time you’ve chosen, as you can throughout the day, or if your game-all at once with a rest between.

DAY 13: No excuses- Lets MOVE!

Life is busy! (Hello mamas and dadas..I see you!) Thats a no brainer.. but don’t let it stop you from making the most of those small windows of free time you get in your day to give yourself a little energizing love. And yes Im even talking about those short 10 min windows of freedom. With no equipment needed, try this workout from home! (Total time is 30 mins, but you can cater the number of rounds to however long your windows of freedom are, or do the different exercises as you please - 1 round is 10mins).

P.s- The nice thing about working out at home is that it's the only true judgment-free zone, meaning undies or pajamas are totally acceptable workout outfits!

DAY 14: Show yourself some LOVE

You made it! So to celebrate, today’s challenge has nothing to do with exercise (but your welcome to do that as well). Just as it is important to take care of our bodies, it is just as important to take care of our minds with a bit of self compassion and meditation. Both are powerful tools to improve your self esteem. Taking the time to practice a bit of self love has been linked to more positive body image, less eating guilt, and overall happier outlook on life. So today I want you to take a few moments in front of the mirror and make note of everything you love about your body (write it somewhere so you don’t forget).  

Maybe you're proud of your height; maybe you love the way you curve from your waist to your hips; maybe your arms have more definition since last year; maybe you just love the way your t-shirts fit on your chest. Whatever it is, there is always something to love about yourself!

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