"Tune in to what feels good. Be open to change. Our bodies are constantly shifting, and so should our personal approaches to wellness.'



Where do I start?.. I LOVE IT!!

Ive been wanting to switch up my workout routine for a while now, but always just ended up doing what I know gives me a good sweat, doesn't take forever, and makes me feel like Iv challenged myself. Iv been to a few Barre classes before, and loved them, but could never make it consistently because of time and finding someone to watch Roca while I go. 

So when I heard about Barre3 Online I was so stoked and keen to try! For those who have no idea what Barre even is, well, its....AMAZING! 
It mixes athleticism, grace and the latest and greatest to produce a strong and balanced body. Kind of a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates.

Now what is Barre3 exactly?
Barre3 is a boutique fitness company that incorporates over 125+ studios around the globe, online classes, nutritional guidance, healthy recipes, a mobile app, and other epic content to promote balanced living. They have a FREE 15 DAY TRIAL  if you are interested in trying it out. (*You do have to enter your credit card details, that way if you love it, it will carry over. If you change your mind be sure to cancel before the 15days is up!)

I have been trying it now for 2 weeks doing it almost everyday and I have nothing but good to say about it! Im used to high intensity workouts, more jumping around high impact kinda action (like burpees haha). But this, this stuff is killer!! It is full body workouts using only low-impact movements. Definitely a different kind of burn, perhaps almost a deeper burn. Incorporating holds and pulses and fluid functional motions all wrapped into one. Needless to say, I sweat like cray cray! I feel like it is more lengthening as I tone the muscles, creating long lean muscles, instead of building bulk. Which I love because it makes me feel more feminine ;) 
Also, these workouts definitely make me feel an inner strength, both in my body and my mind. Though the exercises are intense, because they are low impact the calm helps me to connect with my mind more. With my usual HIIT workouts sometimes I feel I am just going through the motions counting reps or watching time, but with this I definitely find myself almost meditating through it, and breathing deeper through the intense burns. It definitely is a workout for anyone and everyone and can be individualized with modified postures and movements depending on how you're feeling. If you want to know more about the benefits of Barre3 for both the body and mind you can read here. 

Other than the amazing workouts, there is so much more to barre3. I want to touch on a few really quick.

- TIME SAVER & CONVENIENT: Online workouts I can do from home, or anywhere for that matter.
Life is busy. I have no doubt thats the case for almost everyone, whether its work, school, family, chores etc. I love being a stay home mum, and more often than not it is a busy job, and hard work. So I love that I can do these workouts from home and not have to worry about a sitter, or spend time commuting to and from classes. My son can run around and play and its no problem. AND when I travel, I can take it with me using my computer or phone.

There is a new 30min workout every week which is nice and keeps things fresh. The workouts vary, some requiring nothing but a mat, others incorporating weights, a ball or a resistant band, You can also filter for specific length in time, classes generally 10mins, 30mins or 60mins. 

The weekly instructor shares their favorite recipes for easy meal planning, and there are a bunch of other amazing recipes and good ideas for Entrees, Desserts, Snacks, Smoothies, Salads, Soups, allsorts. You can also filter through specific diet restrictions ( for those who may be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free). I have included two of my favs I have made so far here below. (Tacos with Mango Pico de Gallo & Dark Chocolate Donut Holes which have been approved by the keiki!)

You can download a 14-day plan to get a yummy delicious and seasonal meal plan, recommended workouts, along with daily tips and journaling prompts. Pretty much everything you need all in one, your health and wellness for 2weeks covered without having to think too much!
*Only available until the end of June to subscription holders, so jump on it if you want join.)

The online community, along with the B3 Magazine articles and blog posts are so awesome! They have weekly experts on hand to answer questions on the community board that’s available with every weekly workout. The B3 magazine is filled with good energy, good information, and interesting tips and whatnot for daily inspo.


I decided to do Barre3 to firstly incorporate something new into my workout routine, and have benefited from it far more than just that! All the thinking is done already, I don't have to spend time thinking up a workout, its quick, its easy to do at home, it gives me energy, and it makes me feel amazing! As I said earlier they have a FREE 15 Day Trial going on, so if theres anytime to see if you like it, NOW is the time ;) Or if you are already stoked on the idea you can subscribe here and there are a few different subscription options To choose from :)

I would LOVE to know if you sign up or decide to give it a try, and to know how you like it. Tag me on instagram @rocamoon, or comment on there, its the easiest way for me to stay in touch!

MJ xx