To say its been the best 2 years of my life would be an understatement. And to say it flew by is no exaggeration. It blows my mind that this little coconut monkey is already 2!! As much as I wanted to throw a fun party for my Roca boy, lets be honest, he's not going to remember it. Soooo I wasnt planning on doing anything cause I thought all the family were busy. Then the day before I find out everyone is free, so beach day it was!

I went frantic buying every fruit at costco coz I had no idea how to even throw a party, and couldn't think of any beach snacks other than fruit and chips (maui onion to be precise, and if you dont know what they are, ya better look em up they are so good!). So that was as cool as the beach party got haha. But I did try putting my crafty mum hat on and decided to make a fruit birthday cake, which was actually really fun and I was pretty stoked with how it turned out! He was so excited when I put it in front of him. Of course the cake would not have been the same with out the nutella fondue action though ;)  I mean I really didn't make the fruit cake to be all 'healthy mum', it was just a fun idea.  And It was fun and sooooo good with the nutella! 

Anyway heres a few snaps from the day, it really wasn't much different than any other day, but it was a beauuuuuutiful day! The waves were super fun! We surfed and swam and played on the beach with all his cousins and it turned out to be an epic day! Now let the good times (or terrible twos?) roll....


If you wanna know how I made it... let me know! Comments on my instagram are usually the easiest way to keep track of quesitons and comments as opposed to emails. Also if you try it out... Id be even more stoked to see your version ;) lets connect and get fruitayyy.. (but dont forget the nutella of course!)