Utah isnt necessarily the destination I would go for "fun" and "adventure". Its more the place I go to catch up with good friends and just hang out. I scored a $70 roundtrip ticket from Arizona- call me a hustler haha (no but foreal i am a straight up deal hunter ha). But I had a freaken BLAST! And tis' the season to visit because the leaves are fall'n and changing color. Soooo pretty! like postcard material.

PARK CITY! I think most people know of this place from the 2002 winter olympics that were held here, or the Sundance film festival, since a bunch of famous A-lister celebrities come stay here for it. And I mean, I see why. Its absolutely beautiful! Stunning really! But this place is a huge playground for the outdoor adventurist! There is about 500miles of trails for hiking, walking, running, biking, mountain biking, all sorts!! SO FUN! And then when it snows that opens a whole different can of activities.

Thanks to PARKCITYHOST we had such an epic few days! Me being a first timer, they pretty much had me sorted for a good time! I would defs hit them up again in the future because they are the bomb at what they do and they live up to their name forsure. They rent out a number of cool vacation rentals, and let you know the best things to do, where to go, what to see, and really are just great hosts-especially if you are a newbie like I moi! 

We stayed in the cutest airbnb. It was a townhouse condo right in the town there, so walking distance to the shops. I loved how it was an "eco-friendly" place, even down to the shampoos and soaps. Everything in the house I wanted! Straight up house inspo and house goals! And if only we had gone a week later we would have had a hot tub on the roof top ahhhh!! Next time! My camera broke and phone photos dont do it justice so you can check it out for yourself if you want right here! That king bed ;)


Luke from PARKCITYHOST helped book us some bikes from WHITEPINE TOURING and it was so fun! They have so many bikes, and different kinds depending on what exactly you wanna do, and also lots of other adventure activity rentals and suggestions. Rental prices arent too bad either! Definitely worth it! So we cruised around with all the kids in tow and it was so fun!! Roca thought he was pretty cool holding the handle bars even haha Bike riding is something I could do all day long. Just explore wherever and go with it, thats when the fun happens. Next time I wanna mountain bike!  We also went on a hike they suggested that was higher up in the mountains and wasnt too long, so was perfect with the kids and that was beautiful!! 

Anyway, definitely wanna come back with Max and ride some of the trails, and hike more. But it was fun catching up with my girlfriends Corban and Jaden! The best friends are the ones that you havnt talked to in forever, but when you see each other, you pick up right where you left off, as if you were just together yesterday! xx

p.s Corban is still learning to ride with no hands :P