SELF reflection

Oahu, HAWAII   || aLL PHOTOS by Heather Goodman


This has got to be one of the most breathtaking panoramic views I have seen so far on Island. 4 hours return, drenched in sweat and a badly rolled ankle were nothing short of so frikin worth it!

My first time doing this I went along with a couple friends @hbgoodie, her husband, and @ockeydockey. I was blown away! Everything about it was epic, only thing missing was a waterfall at the top and a zipline going down into the ocean haha. 

Recently I did this hike again with some friends visiting from NZ. We left home at 4.30am to get there at the crack of dawn. We started in the dark and enjoyed the first morning light. The best way to describe the experience with them is with a phrase we commonly use in NZ, "MEAAAAAAAAN AZZZ!!" - meaning all the words you can think of to describe an experience that was just the best!! epic! sik! rad! unbelievable! fun! beautiful! stunning! all of the above etc.

Since living here in Hawaii I have had the chance to play tour guide for many family, friends, and friends of friends etc. And one of my fav things is to see others love and appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the same things that I thrive off! Its fulfilling in a sense. 

Obviously the views are nothing less than breathtaking, but other than the incredible beauty in all directions, my favorite part, which I have decided to do on every hike from now on, was a moment of self reflection at the top. I don't think its uncommon that naturally, when people are amongst nature they tend to connect, and reflect on many things. So my good friends Danielle & Niwha introduced me to this little ritual you could say, that they do at the top of every hike. 

At the top we chose a rock, or it could be anything you want really. Then we thought of and internalized something that doesn't serve us. It could be something perhaps that may be weighing you down, something you want to change, something thats been bothering you, or doesn't make you feel good; as I said, simply something that doesn't serve you. Symbolically we threw a rock off the mountain as if we were throwing that particular 'thing' away. If we wanted to, we could verbalize it, if not-algud! It was so therapeutic. 

I have really felt the power of self reflection and re-evaluating where you are at in regards to where you want to be. Its a great way to step outside of yourself for a moment and perhaps look at the bigger picture, change perspectives for a little and then decide the steps and actions necessary to improve and move forward. Sometimes you may be throwing that same 'thing' off the mountain time after time, and that is okay! 

"Losers quit when they fail, Winners fail until the succeed"

Give this a try. It doesn't have to be at the top of a hike, it could be anything. A lake, the ocean, the forest, an open field, just anywhere you feel alive! Find something and physically throw it, and perhaps it will be therapeutic for you too. 

"Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.."
- Bhudda

Would love to connect with anyone who feels moved by this, best way is usually on INSTAGRAM posts. Otherwise email (that may take some time though :))