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Exercise is a huge part of my lifestyle and I am so passionate about the benefits it could have on you. It should be something that you enjoy doing-not a punishment, and has the ability to upgrade your life on multiple levels. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be challenging, but it is a time that you give yourself to work on yourself. Give it a chance, be patient with it, and find what it is you love to do! This area is for those who are looking for a simple sweat, for motivation to get moving again, or simply inspiration to help you achieve your fitness and health goals from the inside out.

Not only is this page catered towards workouts and exercise, but health and wellness to take care of your overall healthy self; hair, skin, clothing, cosmetics, supplements etc. Always remember you are you! This world isn't a "one size fits all", or a "one way suits all". This is more where I share what I do, what I find works for me, and you never know, may work for you too! Educate yourself, do your research, do your best to listen to the signs of your body, and trial and error baby! 



When I was pregnant with my son I made it a goal to do 50 burpees & 100 squats and situps every day throughout my pregnancy. Towards the end I obviously was doing the modified version, but I really think it helped me to maintain a strong back and core and not really have many aches or pains in that area.

It didn't matter when I did them, whether it was 10 in the morning, 20 at lunch and the rest at night-just as long as I finished the lot before bed. Either way it is a great super quick workout to get the heart rate up and the sweat going! And this time I added an extra 10 burpees and 20 squats & setups ;)

Hey guys, this is the real time pace of me doing this work out. That way you can follow along as if I was right there with you. When it gets to the end, during your rest time restart the video to take you to the beginning for the other 2 rounds!

LETS DO THIS :) Would love to know how you get along with it by commenting on the instagram post here.

Do 1min of each exercise for 3 ROUNDS with 45sec rest between rounds (do as many rounds as you can if you want!)

Full Push-Up Burpees
Lateral lunge
Jump Squat
Mountain climber w/ pushup
Jump Lunges
Plank w/ alternating leg lifts (first 30 sec hold plank, last 30sec leg lefts)

For modifications: - feel free to do push-ups on the knees for the burpee and mountain climbers or veto the push-up entirely. Do step lunges instead of the jump. Plank on the knees if needed.