one body || one nature


If I am being completely honest, it's really quite hard for me to say exactly "what I do", I'm not sure I even know the answer to that question myself. My fitness regime is more like a mashup of whatever is going on, what I feel like doing in the moment, what the weather is doing, how much time I have, and a list of other factors. I have always loved variety in what I do, it keeps things interesting, less likely to get bored and the body responds better that way too. I think the longest I have followed an actual workout regime was right after I had my son Roca, I did the Kayla Itsines BBG for 2 weeks, and that was about it haha. So instead I kind of pick things from here and there that I enjoy and incorporate all of it. I aim for at least 30mins a day, and prefer to get my workout over and done with first thing in the morning, sometimes I will workout twice a day, but most days will just combine it into one session.

I tend to stick to bodyweight exercises and cardio, doing HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training, Bodyweight Circuits and Running, along with lower impact strength and conditioning such as slower controlled bodyweight movements, Pilates and Barre. Occasionally I will incorporate light weights (generally 3-8 lbs) for some of the exercises, but I don't really do weight training other than that unless I am trying out a new class or something. I also like to include LISS (Low intensity Steady State) sessions such as long fast paced walks, or walking on incline; and sometimes swimming in the ocean. When I don't swim as part of the workout, I most often take a dip to refresh and cool off. If there is a boxing class nearby I will try that out every so often, and really wish I could do it more than I do. And I definitely cannot forget mobility work, doing yoga/stretching, and foam rolling. 

A quick note on running- this is my go to always! I don't necessarily love to run, but I always love the feeling I get afterward, plus it always gets my heart pumped and the sweat going. It is also my fav way to explore new places while traveling! No better way than on foot. TIP: for all the mamas- invest in a nice jogging stroller and baby carrier, you will be invincible that way!

My favorite way to be active is getting out amongst nature, its much more invigorating and inspiring so I tend to do my workouts outside somewhere if weather permits.  Pretty much everyday we are doing something active besides a structured workout. I feel we really thrive when we get out amongst nature and enjoy what it has to offer, be it surfing, bike rides with my boys, hiking with family or friends, going on walks to the beach etc. So some would think that is working out twice a day, but it has become a significant part our lifestyle and what we enjoy that it doesn't seem like 'work'. So I don't include these active leisure activities as my "workout", but on days I don't manage to get in a actual workout, getting out and about suffices, and I can still feel good about the day.


Although I have never really followed a set program, after looking back at the patterns of what I have done, this is a rough idea of how I try to put my week together. 

I will usually run 3-5 times a week ranging between 2-5 miles per run, do 2-3 Full Body HIIT workouts, a Functional Circuit Workout (often full body also, otherwise a specific target area generally butt or abs), I add a Pilates or Barre style workout (whether it is online or at a class), a long walk (preferably on incline), and of course a goooood stretch or yoga. When and if I can find a boxing class I will do that.

To get a better idea I have put together a week of workouts and some challenges HERE for anyone interested!