Mona-Jane Hannemann


Mona-Jane Hannemann

Hey here is the booty workout for the #STOKEDTOSWEAT challenge, day 4! try it out or pick and choose some favs to include in your personal workout :) If your game run for 30mins first.

3-4 ROUNDS || 20 reps of each

Feet should be shoulder width apart hip raises
Heels together toes out- raises
Toes & knees together - raises
Raised hold for 30sec
Single Leg Hip Raises (20 each leg)
* move onto hands & knees, do next exercises all on one side
Hydrant Lifts
Hydrant Lift w/ Leg Extensions
Lateral Straight Leg Raises
* Repeat last 3 exercises on other leg, then repeat from beginning.

+ cool down stretches.