one body || one nature




I have always lived a fairly active and fit lifestyle – whether training for sports, or outdoor activities like hiking and adventuring, I’ve always been in motion. But, I too have been through different stages of health and weight – like most people – particularly during adolescence through to very early adulthood. For most of my life I’ve been known to eat HEAPS and I mean HEAPS of sweets, chocolate and ice cream. The major shift in my diet away from this happened just after I got married when my husband challenged me to cut out ice cream for 5 weeks and in trade he eliminated coke from his diet. I like to think this was the start to my overall health journey. To my surprise, I did it! This set into motion a change in my lifestyle. When I became pregnant just months later, my awareness around food amplified.  I realized that eating healthier, and also keeping up the exercise just made me feel better despite the changes that came with pregnancy. I would be happier, in a better state of mind, and a nicer person, especially to my husband having to deal with my crazy pregnancy hormones (haha).

Before Roca, I had an angel baby – I don’t say this for sympathy. I understand this happens to many women and my heart goes out to you all. But this loss was such a strange situation for me, I was 20 yrs old, and almost halfway along. I had morning sickness, the cravings, and though I worked out the entire time, my body had significantly changed. And then after all I’d experienced, we left the the hospital without a baby. It was rough. At the time, I didn’t have the breastfeeding (like most new mothers with a new baby) to help shrink me back into shape, instead I just had a whole different body to deal with. Some days were better than others and some I would feel sorry for myself but accept that this is just how it goes and it was my new body. But then I realized "you’re the only thing standing in your way”. I wanted another baby so bad, and I wanted to be in the best mental and physical shape to carry again. And so it began for me, my wellness quest. After all health is wealth, and health is more than what you look like in the mirror. "Love your body and it will love you back." Looking back on the experience, it changed our lives for the better without doubt.

Besides the love of surfing, my husbands family are huge foodies, and if there is something they know how to do well it is definitely food! Though his family owns a few burger restaurants, there is a variety of food allergies within the family, so they alI generally eat pretty healthy and wholesome. This really changed things for me, not only was the food they make healthy, but it tastes AMAZING!! I became more familiar with good food, how to make it and I loved it. So I guess I made better food choices- eating more wholesome, and that paired with my active lifestyle, has definitely upgraded life for me and my family on multiple levels. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely still indulge and eat sweets but I’ve learned to eat them more in moderation because after all when food tastes epic and it’s healthy, then you’re winning!! 

There’s a saying that I grew up with “Go Hard or Go Home”. So if you’re someone that wants to make a change of any sort. GO HARD!! Go for it! Put everything you got into it!! And every time you want to quit, remember why you started. Even if it's a vain reason (no shame!). I know it’s easier said than done, that’s often the case. But at the end of the day, we are the captain of our ship and we ultimately decide where our boat goes.

We have one body, one life, one earth, and it is my goal to combine them all into one nature. Creating healthy, mindful habits to make the most of these beautiful creations, giving our selves and nature the care it needs to thrive and be our best self!